The Westmount Room (photo courtesy of the Westmount Library)

A meeting in progress
A meeting in progress

Our next virtual meeting will be
at 7:00 p.m. on
Thursday, June 2nd, 2022
(Virtual doors open at 6:30)
The quiz will be based on
A Study in Scarlet

Given the current pandemic situation in which we find ourselves, our meetings will be held virtually until further notice. We'll continue to meet bi-monthly on the first Thursday of every second month (February, April, June, August, October and December).

A feature of each meeting is the bi-monthly Bimetallic quiz, based on a pre-selected story from the canon (we eventually make our way through them all ... and then start all over again!) Other activities may include the presentation of a paper on the story, tests of observational or deductive skills, or discussions of the finer points of Sherlockiana or Victoriana. We also propose several traditional toasts, and have a wide-ranging Show & Tell session.

Other events - ranging from parties to walks, international colloquia to Public Television fundraisers - bring us together at other times. Of course, the annual celebration of the Master's birthday in January, is our most popular event.

Why not join us for a meeting, and see if you like it? We welcome all visitors, many of whom go on to become members.

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